Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers for Linux and Android


The driver package contains both the source code for the Linux module and the firmware that has to be downloaded to the chip at startup. Refer to the release notes to know what kernel versions are currently supported.

Each interface type (USB, SDIO or PCIe) needs its own version of the driver, pick the right one for your application.

We also provide an example Yocto layer that will help you compile the driver for your targeted architecture. If you are using another build system, don't hesitate to contact us if you need support to integrate the driver.

If you need a regulatory compliance test tool for certification purposes please contact us at support@hd-wireless.se.


All the source code provided is released under GPLv2.

Document Name Description
gz android8_hal.tar.gz (192.8K) Android 8 Vendor HAL
gz android9_hal.tar.gz (213.2K) Android 9 Vendor HAL
gz linux-pcie-uart-driver-228-1.0-2019-08-09-20324.tar.gz (2371.2K) Kernel driver for the PCIe (Wifi) / UART (BT) interface
gz linux-pcie-uart32-driver-228-1.0-2019-05-28-20078.tar.gz (2343.3K) Kernel driver for the PCIe (Wifi) / UART (BT) interface, 32 client version
gz linux-pcie-usb-driver-228-1.0-2019-03-25-19447.tar.gz (2228.5K) Kernel driver for the PCIe (Wifi) / USB (BT) interface
gz linux-sdio-driver-228-1.0-2020-01-08-21043.tar.gz (2432.3K) Kernel driver for the SDIO interface
gz linux-usb-driver-228-1.0-2020-03-23-21212.tar.gz (1987.9K) Kernel driver for the USB interface
gz meta-spb228-pcie-uart-32.tar.gz (2346.1K) Example Yocto layer for PCIe-UART driver, 32 client version
gz meta-spb228-pcie-usb.tar.gz (2234.8K) Example Yocto layer for PCIe-USB driver
gz meta-spb228-sdio.tar.gz (2435.8K) Example Yocto layer for SDIO driver
gz meta-spb228-usb-usb.tar.gz (1991.3K) Example Yocto layer for USB driver

Other drivers

  • If you want to make use of the chip as a full-blown access point able to support up to 64 clients, you will need to use the driver in this repository: https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi.git. Note that this driver does not support all the features of the main driver, and can only be used through the PCIe interface. We do not provide support for this driver.
  • There is also a driver included in the mainline kernel. You can find it under kernel_src/drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/. We do not provide support for this driver.

Older versions

You can find older versions of the drivers on the following page.
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